2017 Hear From The Experts Review

Impact100 hosted its 2nd annual “Hear From the Experts” event on April 5th at First Plymouth Congressional Church. The event allowed members and guests to gain information about Impact100 and the four areas of philanthropic interest that will be voted on at our next Annual All Member Luncheon & Grantee Selection on June 14. For those who could not attend, we’ve included a summary from the four experts below with the issue area bolded:

Slavica Park, the Director of Workforce & Economic Development at Focus Point Family Resource Center spoke to the issue area of Training and Education and the need for non-traditional workforce development for adults with limited skills or education. Many individuals face barriers to employment, including transportation, computer literacy, housing and child care.

Adrienne Russman, the Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs for the Colorado Department of Corrections spoke on Prison Reintegration. Russman highlighted the need for awareness and action around this often overlooked issue, including:

The average stay in prison 3.5 years.
About 650,000  individuals are released from prison each year.
48% of inmates in Colorado return to prison after being released.
Inmates are released with little or no income, job skills or housing which leads to a continuous cycle of recidivism.

Jennifer Stedron, the Executive Director at Early Milestones Colorado discussed the importance of Early Childhood Development and the lack of quality care for children of working parents. Stedrom shared the following facts about caregiving:

Children need a  warm, stable environment in order to thrive; there is a higher likelihood a child will struggle in life without quality care early on.
63% of children under five have both caregivers working.
There will be a 43% increase in demand for early childhood caregivers within seven years.
About ½ of caregivers receive a public subsidy given low wages.
There is a 30% turnover rate per year in the childcare industry.

Roberta Payne, Ph.D., a creative writing and drawing teacher at the Mental Health Center of Denver opened up about her life story and struggle with Mental Health, specifically Schizophrenia. She discussed the importance of including the entire family in the mental health care process and the multiple challenges an individual with a mental health issue can face.

Our event helped participants realize how important our four issue areas are in creating a stronger community.  Additional information will be sent to active members in advance of the June 14th luncheon and vote. Please watch your mail for the invitation and opportunity to RSVP!

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